Yall remember this crazy night? Jeder hat gedacht ja geil Zombie Nation und halt vorher 2 Newcomer und dann haben die 2 kleineren Acts halt einfach Zombie Nation nass gemacht :D

Einer davon war der australier DISTRAKT (FB//MySpace//Mediafire) der demnächst ein neues Release hier in STGT auf Mähtrasher bringt. Deswegen hab ich mich mal ein bisschen mit ihm unterhalten, über die EP, seine Karriere und welche die beste Partyreihe der Welt ;)

LFOD: So Mr. Worthington, how's it goin in Australia? Have u already rocked Parklife?

DISTRAKT: yeah unfortunatly i didnt play there which is definatly on my list of things to do as its my home festival and a great vibe . it was amazing , soulwax and 2many djs where great and also of course brodinski . one man who doesnt get enufff credit here . !

LFOD: Let's talk about your upcoming almost-an-album release on Mähtrasher. What can we expect from the original tracks?

DISTRAKT: As it says in the promo for the release " The Deep Throat EP is futuristic techno with nastier and filthier sounds than your snoring grandpa backed by a whole armada of dentist tools!!
i feel its really big powerfull kinda shit that will make u say " oh fck what is this " and then go home with bleeding noses and hopefully from other places.

LFOD: Which of them is your favorite track?

DISTRAKT: its very hard to pick one but i love "DEEP THROAT" And also "ANGST" Both of these are some of my favourte i have ever done

LFOD: Who did you get for remixing the originals?

DISTRAKT: well i got some close friends and also some people who i feel honoured are on the release like . Nobody beats the drum and also Shameboy , also we have THE Oddword and also rawfare & super super

LFOD: Which is your favorite remix in the EP?

DISTRAKT: I would have to say the , Nobody beats the drum . big room or festival thrasher that is going to fucking people sideways i hope .

LFOD: Can you already call a release date for this monster EP?

DISTRAKT: the release will be on november 25 in all digital stores

LFOD: You've been lately all around the world playing shows. Which was the sickest party you have ever djed yet? Kaputtraven maybe?? ;)

DISTRAKT: yeh i got back from my last tour around 3 month ago now and the affect of Kaputtraven are stilll in my mind . . this is the best party i have played at . and to be playing alongside G-tronic who i have known for around 3 years now and Zombie nation who is really a ledgend of the industry . but we killed him so maybe he doesnt like us :D

LFOD: Beside that new EP, what else do you have in the making? Any new remixes we should watch out for?

DISTRAKT: i have just had around 3 remixes come out for Boxon Records , N.E.W.S for Shameboy which was Battery acid remix which i love , Just working on more originals and also lot of remixes comming up also so keep a eye out for them ...

LFOD: Busy P lately said in an interview that this heavy and destructioning sound to which we jump'n'rave is going to die. Do you share this thought or is this just one single man's opinion?

DISTRAKT: My opinion is that it will be around for a long time yet . the music is so fucking powerfull , people just want to grab something and throw that at people . jump around , its just such a crazy vibe , at the kaputtraven party there where young kids chanting and just going mental , breaking toilets onto the ground it was like a proper riot in a club . . i hope to get back there soon !! i have some rumours about something happening for those guys and there party in the next year so keep a eye out !!!!!!

LFOD: What are your current Top 5 tracks?

1. Kleine Träume - D.I.M
2. Distrakt - Deep Throat (Nobody beats the drum Remix)
3. aUtOdiDakT - neiii
4. Hemska Tanke -Tomas Andersson

LFOD: Which artists do you find interesting and noticeable at the moment?

DISTRAKT: WELL the odvious people like boys noize who im always shocked by as i everyone , but shameboy have really impressed me with there live stuff and also nobody beats the drum and dj antention who did a remix for me but unfortunalty i cant release it for certain reasons . he is blowing people away with his bass and there are dozens more but i just ccant go on :-|

LFOD: and the closing words are yours:



Hab die komplette EP gehört und muss sagen Herr Distrakt hat nicht zuviel versprochen! Freut euch drauf =)

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