RE:LEASES: Miami Noize 2011

Das Warten ist rum, die Battle Weapon Kiste von den BNR Jungs für die Winter Music Coneference (WMC) ist gedroppt. Echt alles dabei was elektronische Musik so her gibt. Dubstep, Techno, House, Electro und what-not. Sehr runde Sache! Dürfte jeder DJ fündig werden.

Warum das überhaupt Winter Music Conference heisst kann ich mir schon denken. Es war sicher so:

DJ1: Hey man it's so damn cold in my city
DJ2: yeah March sucks big time
DJ1: Dude I just got an idea
DJ2: Hit me
DJ1: How about if we just fly off, meet somewhere where it's warm and the girls are loose?
DJ2: Aaaawesome. how bout Miami? oh and if no one books us - we just throw our own parties.
DJ1: Sweet plan bruv. Miami is the perfect place.
DJ2: aight we now need a name...
DJ1: you know what? we gotta give that shit a serious name. somewhat that sounds like we all sit in some auditiorium and do serious shit.
DJ2: ...but we're getting so piss-drunk
DJ1: hell yeah
DJ2: Got it! Winter. Music. Conference.
DJ1: That's it!
DJ2: Let's roll

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If you don't like my dialogue - screw you :)

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